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  1. NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) Combined Image Data Set and Swath Image Data Release

    On February 25, 2015, two new NASA SRTM data sets were released by the LP DAAC.  The  SRTM Swath ... Image Data  (SRTMIMGR) consists of radar image files containing brightness values, as well as quality ... a 1-degree-by-1-degree tile. The  SRTM Combined Image Data Set  (SRTMIMGM) contains mosaicked 1-degree-by-1-degree ...

    kellylemig - 2015-03-04 08:26

  2. Why can’t I submit an ASTER on-demand order by searching the AST_L1A scene?

    the product you want to order (e.g. AST-05) instead of searching for  AST-L1A  data you will get ... will only return the qualifying granules for that data product. ...

    jdeal - 2017-01-24 09:47

  3. There's a Hurricane A-comin': Observing the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season with Satellite Imagery

    and VIIRS Surface Reflectance data please watch the following YouTube videos: Getting Started with ... VIIRS Surface Reflectance Data Part 1: All About Accessing Data Getting Started with VIIRS Surface ... Reflectance Data Part 2: Using the Data Getting Started with MODIS Version 6 Surface Reflectance Data Part 1: ...

    galbing - 2017-10-23 08:54

  4. Exploring Snow and Land Surface Temperature Data in AppEEARS

    for Extracting and Exploring Analysis Ready Samples (AppEEARS), a web-based data extraction and ... Land Surface Temperature (LST) data in addition to Terra MODIS-derived Daily Snow Cover data for ... a point on the slopes of La Tania. Using the data visualizations in AppEEARS, it is easy to observe skiing ...

    jdeal - 2017-02-02 08:35

  5. Data Pool

    Data Pool The Data Pool is the publicly available portion of the LP DAAC online holdings. Data ... Pool provides a direct way to access data product files. All Data Pool holdings are available at no ... credentials to obtain data. When accessing data via the Data Pool direct access links, you will now be ...

    aashraf - 2017-12-12 13:30

  6. LP DAAC Offers New ASTER Level-1B On-Demand Data Sets

    On May 24, 2006, the LP DAAC started offering ASTER Level-1 data sets as on-demand products. Two ... archive for Level-1B processing. Previously, we were constrained by which Level-1A data sets were ... available as Level-1B data sets. This provides users the opportunity to request a Level-1B from any existing ...

    clementb - 2012-06-27 10:24

  7. LP DAAC Data Workshops

    and Data Fusion Over Urban Areas (URBAN 2005) and 5th International Symposium Remote Sensing of Urban ... MODIS Land Processes Data Workshop Egan Convention Center, Space 1- Anchorage, Alaska September 14 17, ... 2004 ASTER and MODIS Data for Land Surface Studies Workshop U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Earth ...

    clementb - 2012-06-27 10:20

  8. The Role of Terrain Data

    Terrain data, such as information about elevation, slope, and aspect, can play an integral part in ... many land change and management studies. These data are particularly useful in the form of digital ... elevation models (DEMs). Most simply, DEMs can be used to create 3-dimensional data visualizations, which ...

    jdeal - 2015-08-14 11:27

  9. Important Changes to LP DAAC Data Access

    credentials to obtain data.  This change will affect how you obtain ASTER, MODIS, and other LP DAAC data from ... the following locations: When using the direct  Data Pool  links or OPeNDAP links, you will be ... login box after selecting LP DAAC data. This account will be in addition to your current USGS ERS login. ...

    jdeal - 2016-07-19 09:36

  10. LP DAAC Data Tool Releases

    inventory. It is an alternative to the EOS Data Gateway, which provides access to all archived LP DAAC data ... MODIS Data Pool Extraction Tool (MODextract)- a new script that can be used to locate and retrieve MODIS ... Land Level-3 products from the LP DAAC Data Pool. MODextract uses the MODIS product type and tile ...

    clementb - 2012-06-27 09:58