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MCD43D39 V006

MODIS/Terra and Aqua BRDF/Albedo ValidObs Band 7 Daily L3 Global 30 ArcSec CMG

The MCD43D39 Version 6 Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function and Albedo (BRDF/Albedo) ValidObs Band7 data set is a daily 16-day product. This product incorporates the Climate Modeling Grid (CMG) structure in which each file geographically covers the entire earth rather than the 10 degree x 10 degree latitude and longitude tiling system utilized by the standard MODIS land products. Unlike the standard CMG pixel resolution of 5600 meters the MCD43D products are 1000 meters, so consequently, because of the large file size each product contains just one layer. The Julian date in the granule ID of each specific file represents the 9th day of the 16 day retrieval period, and consequently the observations are weighted to estimate the values for that day.
The MCD43D39 contains the valid observation quality layer for MODIS Band 7. Within the BRDF/Albedo ValidObs Band 7 Science Data Set (SDS) is 16 separate bits representing each of the 16 days of the retrieval period. Each bit will have a value of either 0, 1, or fill value. Zero represents “observation not used” and 1 is “valid clear observation”. The MODIS BRDF/ALBEDO products have achieved stage 3 validation.

Improvements/Changes from Previous Versions

  • The MCD43 products are generated daily, still using the 16-day retrieval algorithm.
  • Observations are weighted to estimate the BRDF/Albedo at the first day of the 2nd 8-day period of the 16-day period.
  • The MCD43 products use an improved back up database – they are pixel based updated from the latest full inversion as opposed to the land cover based DB used in C5.
  • There is improved quality and more retrieval at high latitudes from use of all available observations. C5 used only four observations per day.
  • MCD43 products now use current day snow status instead of the majority snow/no-snow status from the 16-day period.
  • The MCD43 products now uses L2G-lite surface reflectance as input


Characteristic Description
Temporal Granularity Daily
Temporal Extent February 2000 -- Present
Spatial Extent Global
File Size ~160.5 MB
Coordinate System Lat/Long Grid
Datum N/A
File Format hdf-eos
Geographic Dimensions ~Entire Globe



Characteristic Description
Number of Science Dataset (SDS) Layers 1
Columns/Rows 43200 columns x 21600 rows
Pixel Size ~1000


Data Layer Characteristics

SDS Name Description Units Data Type Fill Value Valid Range Scale Factor
BRDF_Albedo_ValidObs_Band7 Surface reflectance quality information Bit field 16-bit unsigned integer 65535 0 to 65534 N/A


Product Quality

The QC layer is bit encoded. We recommend the unpack_sds_bits executable from the LDOPE tools to unpack this layer:


Known Issues

For complete information about the MCD43D39 known issues refer to the MODIS Land Quality Assessment website:

MCD43D39 Thumbnail

MCD43D39. Acquired August 1, 2005. Tile H11V05. Global.

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Crystal Schaaf
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