AρρEEARS is in the Cloud Now!

Mar 24, 2022

NASA's Application for Extracting and Exploring Analysis Ready Samples (AρρEEARS) version 3.0 has been successfully deployed in NASA's Earthdata Cloud space located in AWS us-west 2. You can access AρρEEARS using the new link: https://appeears.earthdatacloud.nasa.gov/. AρρEEARS Graphic User Interface (GUI) users using the link to the previous version of AρρEEARS will be redirected to the new URL automatically for a limited time. Please update your bookmarks and save the new URL for future access. If your browser fails to redirect you to the new URL, clear the cache in your browser and try again or simply use the new URL.

AρρEEARS Application Programming Interface (API) users will need to update their workflow(s) to include the new URL. Additionally, any workflows that download files using the AρρEEARS API will need to be updated to allow redirects to the S3 link returned in the location header of the response. For more information, please see the AρρEEARS API Documentation. If you have questions, please contact LP DAAC User Services (lpdaac@usgs.gov).