ASTER and MODIS Data Now Available Through The LP DAAC On-line Data Pool

Mar 30, 2004

The LP DAAC now has over forty terabytes of selected MODIS and ASTER products available quickly, on-line, and free of charge. Nearly 250,000 scenes of over fifty different product types are located on the LP DAAC's Data Pool, and are accessible through either our simple Data Pool user interface or directly via standard web browsers. The ASTER products cover the United States and its Territories, while MODIS products cover the globe.

New products are frequently added, so please consult the list of available product types to see what is available. The Data Pool holdings, while extensive, contain less than 5% of the data at the LP DAAC, so if a desired product (e.g. non-U.S. ASTER data coverage) is not found in the Data Pool, try using the ASTER Browse Tool or the EOS Data Gateway to search our entire archive. Also, custom ASTER higher level products can be ordered from the ASTER On-Demand Gateway or the EOS Data Gateway. Detailed information concerning available data products may be found off of the LP DAAC's Data Pool Data Pool page, or from the LP DAAC Customer Support Center. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.