ASTER Global Emissivity Dataset (GED) Monthly Version 4 Data Available March 24, 2016

Mar 24, 2016

Author's Note 4/30/2020: Reverb has since been retired. Users are encouraged to use NASA Earthdata Search in place of Reverb.


The Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP DAAC) archives and distributes ASTER GED Monthly Version 4 emissivity product that has been produced at 0.05° (~5 km) resolution. These data currently have a date range from 2000 to 2015, with updates expected annually.

The ASTER GED Version 3 provides an average emissivity at a ~100 m and ~1 km, while ASTER GED Version 4 provides a monthly emissivity at a ~5 km spatial resolution.

The ASTER GED Version 4 product science files are .h5 file types for the .HDF5 format and .nc for .NetCDF4 format.

For additional product information, see the following product pages:

ASTER GED Version 4 data may be downloaded via HTTP by visiting the following data clients:

For further information, contact LP DAAC User Services.