ASTER L1T Operations Temporarily Suspended Starting March 1, 2021

Feb 26, 2021

Data processing for ASTER Level 1 Precision Terrain Corrected Registered At-Sensor Radiance (AST_L1T) will be suspended for eight to ten days beginning March 1, 2021. During this time period new ASTER acquisitions will not be processed to Level 1T at LP DAAC due to file system and configuration updates.

Please note the status of ASTER data products during this transition period while improvements are made to the LP DAAC systems:

  • Existing ASTER L1T data files will be accessible for download.
  • The generation of new ASTER L1T data products will be suspended during this period.
  • The generation of new ASTER L1T will resume when file system updates are complete.
  • ASTER L1A data ingest will continue and all data will be accessible for download.
  • ASTER Level 2 and Level 3 products will continue to be available for on-demand processing.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience during this transition period. Please contact the LP DAAC User Services team with questions or comments.