Change in Status Alert for the ASTER SWIR detector

Jun 30, 2009

Reposted from January 13, 2009:

ASTER SWIR detectors are no longer functioning due to anomalously high SWIR detector temperatures. ASTER SWIR data acquired since April 2008 are not useable, and show saturation of values and severe striping; please refer to Table 1. All attempts to bring the SWIR bands back to life have failed, and no further action is envisioned. VNIR and TIR data continue to show excellent quality, meeting all mission requirements and specifications.

LP DAAC offers nearly 1.5 million global ASTER Level 1A scenes and related on-demand products. The vast majority of these scenes were acquired prior to the SWIR detector temperature increase, and SWIR bands present may be used in investigations.

No further alerts are anticipated regarding the SWIR detector temperature situation.

Table 1. LP DAAC Product Impacts Due to ASTER SWIR Anomaly