EMIT Exceeds Expectations! Early EMIT Limited Public Release

Nov 22, 2022

NASA’s Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation (EMIT) mission aboard the International Space Station has generated a high level of interest after the release of NASA JPL’s "Methane 'Super-Emitters' Mapped by NASA's New Earth Space Mission” and “NASA Dust Detective Delivers First Maps From Space for Climate Science” articles. EMIT maps the surface mineralogy of arid dust source regions via visible and short-wave infrared (VSWIR) imaging spectroscopy. The data will help researchers better understand airborne dust particles’ role in heating and cooling Earth’s atmosphere and surface. Due to the tremendous response from the science community, a limited public release of a few select scenes will give researchers early access to EMIT Level-1B Radiance and Level-2A Reflectance scenes. Data files contain 285 bands with a spectral range of 381–2493 nanometers (nm) at a spectral resolution of ~7.5 nm.

Links to product information for each dataset are provided below.

  • EMIT L1B At-Sensor Calibrated Radiance and Geolocation Data 60 m V001 - EMITL1BRAD
  • EMIT L2A Estimated Surface Reflectance and Uncertainty and Masks 60 m V001 - EMITL2ARFL

The EMIT data products are available for download through NASA’s Earthdata Search.

The EMIT Science Team welcomes feedback from scientists and researchers. Please send responses to LP DAAC User Services at lpdaac@usgs.gov.