LP DAAC Announces the OPeNDAP Operational Web Services Release

Jan 27, 2015

The LP DAAC has deployed a new Web service to access OPeNDAP (Open-Source Project for a Network Access Protocol) data . The use of OPeNDAP data will allow users to gather data as a subset rather than trying to extract the required data from the tile based granules. The LP DAAC OPeNDAP services push selection and data manipulation activities back to the archive allowing users to focus more directly on the data and information that can be created from it and spend less time collecting, processing, and manipulating the data after downloading it in all its constituent files. This saves LP DAAC users time and resources and allows them to perform their information and knowledge generating activities more quickly and efficiently.

The Web service is located at http://opendap.cr.usgs.gov/opendap/hyrax/

For further information, contact LP DAAC User Services.