LP DAAC Data Tool Releases

Jul 11, 2004

(Author's Note 5/18/2020: MRT, MRTSwath, and MODextract have since been retired. Data from the LP DAAC is now no longer available in GloVis. Users are encouraged to use NASA Earthdata Search or AppEEARS.)

On July 12, 2004, new releases have been made available for the following software and search tools:

GloVis Adds MODIS Support - GloVis now includes selected MODIS products, with more expected to be added later. This tool is a map-based search and order method for accessing products in the LP DAAC inventory. It is an alternative to the EOS Data Gateway, which provides access to all archived LP DAAC data products.

MODIS LDOPE Tools (Drop 3) - includes 13 new functions in addition to the previous 12 released in Drops 1 and 2. These new functions can be viewed at MODIS LDOPE Tools.

MODIS Reprojection Tool (MRT) Release 3.2a - new functionality and bug fixes include: 1. Modified the Geotiff output to correctly handle signed vs. unsigned integers. Previous versions tagged unsigned values in the GeoTiff file as signed values. 2. Previous versions of the MRTSwath output the GeoTiff UL corner point as the outer extent of the UL corner. This has been modified to represent the center of the pixel of the UL corner. In addition, the GTRasterTypeGeoKey GeoTiff tag has been modified to RasterPixelisArea to correctly represent that the corner point is the center of the pixel. The corner point representations for HDF-EOS and raw binary will remain the outer extent of the pixels. More information on the MRT v3.2a can be found at MODIS Reprojection Tool.

MRTSwath Release 2.0 - updated with new functionality and bug fixes including: 1. Added a Graphical User Interface in addition to the command-line MRTSwath executable. 2. Modified the parameter file parser to handle the Windows ^M characters at the end of a line. Version 1.0 could not handle any ^M characters in the parameter file, which caused problems for users creating parameter files on the Windows platform. A full list of enhancements and bug fixes can be found at MODIS - Swath.

MODIS Data Pool Extraction Tool (MODextract) - a new script that can be used to locate and retrieve MODIS Land Level-3 products from the LP DAAC Data Pool. MODextract uses the MODIS product type and tile location information in the input parameter file to navigate to the correct location in the LP DAAC Data Pool and ftp pull the data to the user"s local machine. The script was designed to download MODIS gridded data (having horizontal and vertical tile numbers). It will not work for swath or climate modeling grid (CMG) data such as MOD14, MOD43C1, MOD11C1, MOD12C1, MOD13C1, and MOD09CMG. This script runs on Irix, Solaris, and Linux. More information on the MODIS Data Pool Extraction Tool can be found by signing in on the Tools page for the MODExtract Tool.