LP DAAC Releases New Dataset Search Capability

Jun 25, 2015

The LP DAAC has released a new dataset search feature to our Web site. Users are now able to filter datasets by parameters such as product, dataset, version, temporal granularity etc. This new feature allows users to quickly narrow the growing list of data products offered by the LP DAAC. To use this new feature, simply check the boxes of the desired search filters, and the search results list will update dynamically. In addition, the filters will update to show the number of data products that match the current selections. Results are displayed with a thumbnail image representative of the product, as well as a listing of the search terms to easily compare datasets. The results even show the data access methods available for each product. To learn more about the data product click on the result to display the product page which includes more information, including links to relevant documentation and user guides.

Click here to access this feature directly, or simply click the data products tab in the menu bar on our site.


*Note: As a result of this change, some of our product pages have moved. Please take a moment to check your bookmarks and update any links.

Please send any comments or feedback to LP DAAC User Services.