MODIS Data Pool Extraction Tool for Windows

Jul 29, 2005

The MODIS Data Pool Extraction Tool (MODextract) released previously has now been updated to support the Windows environment.

MODextract is a script that can be used to locate and retrieve MODIS Land Level-3 products from the LP DAAC Data Pool. MODextract uses the MODIS product type and tile location information in the input parameter file to navigate to the correct location in the LP DAAC Data Pool and FTP pull the data to the user's local machine. The script was designed to download MODIS gridded data (having horizontal and vertical tile numbers). It will not work for swath or climate modeling grid (CMG) data such as MOD14, MOD43C1, MOD11C1, MOD12C1, MOD13C1, and MOD09CMG. This script runs on Irix, Solaris, Linux and Windows. For more information on the MODIS Data Pool Extraction Tool, contact LP DAAC User Services.