MODIS/Terra V003 Data Removal

Mar 31, 2004

Terra MODIS V003 data will not be available as of March 31, 2004. The collection is undergoing maintenance associated with reprocessing. Version 003 products have been superceded by reprocessing to version 004.

Watch for the Golden Month of Terra V003 data to return on or before May 1. No other V003 data will be included in DAAC holdings after that date.

The Golden Month: As part of a MODIS policy for maintaining a record of multiple versions of the land products produced over time, the science team agreed to save a Golden Month for all collections starting with version 3 (V003).

September 2002 has been nominally identified as the Golden Month, and actually includes 40 days of data from August 29 through October 7 (2002241 to 2002280). Reasons for choosing this month follow:

  • 1. Both Aqua and Terra data are available.
  • 2. Both Terra V003 and V004 products, and Aqua V003 products are available.
  • 3. Aquas safe-hold incident at the end of July is avoided.
  • 4. The end of the Northern Hemisphere growing season is included.
  • 5. The period contains the fall equinox so both hemispheres are fully illuminated.
  • 6. Two full 16-day periods (2002241 to 2002272) are included.
  • 7. All 8-day periods overlapping September 2002 are included.