Release of GEDI Data Products for September and October 2019

May 27, 2020

(Author's Note 2/15/2022: At the time of publishing these references were available online, some resources may no longer be available. The GEDI Finder was retired when GEDI Version 1 data were decommissioned. Visit the Search Data Catalog to see the current version of GEDI data.)

The LP DAAC is pleased to announce the availability of the Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) Level 1B Geolocated Waveform Data, Level 2A Elevation and Height Metrics Data, and Level 2B Canopy Cover and Vertical Profile Metrics Data for September 5 through October 2, 2019.

A link for the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) landing page for each of the GEDI datasets is provided below.

  • GEDI L1B Geolocated Waveform Data Global Footprint Level - GEDI01_B
  • GEDI L2A Elevation and Height Metrics Data Global Footprint Level - GEDI02_A
  • GEDI L2B Canopy Cover and Vertical Profile Metrics Data Global Footprint Level - GEDI02_B

The GEDI Spatial Querying and Subsetting Quick Guide provides an overview of the GEDI Finder web service to generate a list of granules intersecting a selected region of interest and options to perform spatial and/or layer subsetting of GEDI full orbits using data accessed through the LP DAAC Data Pool or NASA’s Earthdata Search.

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