Release of GEDI Finder Web Service

Feb 10, 2020

(Author's Note 2/15/2022: At the time of publishing these references were available online, some resources may no longer be available. The GEDI Finder was retired when GEDI Version 1 data were decommissioned.)

On January 21, 2020, the LP DAAC released Level 1B – Level 2 Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) data products to the public, including Level 1B Geolocated Waveform Data (GEDI01_B), Level 2A Elevation and Height Metrics Data (GEDI02_A), and Level 2B Canopy Cover and Vertical Profile Metrics Data (GEDI02_B). GEDI granules are stored as HDF5 files encompassing an entire International Space Station (ISS) orbit, which are currently available through the LP DAAC  Data Pool and NASA’s Earthdata Search. However, spatial querying of GEDI files has not been possible—until now!

The LP DAAC is pleased to announce the availability of a new web service called the GEDI Finder. The GEDI Finder web service allows users to spatially query the GEDI archive by submitting a bounding box (Upper Left, Lower Right) region of interest and returning a list of GEDI granules intersecting the region of interest. Users can now submit their bounding box region of interest to the GEDI Finder service, access a list of all of the links to GEDI granules intersecting their region of interest for one of the three GEDI L1B-L2 products, and ultimately use the links provided to download the files directly from the LP DAAC Data Pool. Users can access GEDI Finder with the link below either programmatically (R, Python, Command Line, etc.) or directly in a web browser.

To access GEDI Finder and for additional information on how to use it, visit: 

For additional information on how to use GEDI Finder, check out the GEDI Finder User Guide.

Have questions? Contact LP DAAC User Services.