Release of V051 MODIS Land Cover Products

Jun 20, 2012

LP DAAC announces the release of V051 Terra and Aqua MODIS Land Cover Type (Short name: MCD12Q1) and Land Cover Type CMG (Short name: MCD12C1) products. Both the yearly global 500 m (MCD12Q1) and the yearly global 0.05 degrees CMG (MCD12C1) collections span from 2001 – 2010. The V051 land cover products are produced with a refined algorithm and revised training data. For further details, please consult the following paper:

Friedl, M. A., Sulla-Menashe, D., Tan, B., Schneider, A., Ramankutty, N., Sibley, A., andHuang, X. (2010). MODIS Collection 5 global land cover: Algorithm refinements and characterization of new datasets. Remote Sensing of Environment, 114, 168–182.