Tutorial for billable ASTER data orders

Aug 27, 2010

(Author's Note 2/28/2022: At the time of publishing these references were available online, some resources may no longer be available. Terra ASTER data are now available at no cost.)

As described in news announcements during 2009, LP DAAC discontinued the ASTER billable order service. Billable ASTER data may be obtained from our affiliates at the Earth Remote Sensing Data Analysis Center (ERSDAC) in Japan using their GDS IMS tool. To assist new users of the ERSDAC ordering system, LP DAAC compiled a summary of detailed GDS IMS search and order instructions for obtaining ASTER billable data from ERSDAC.
LP DAAC continues to distribute ASTER no-charge Level-1B data covering the U.S. and Territories through the Data Pool to all users. As described in the ASTER policies, LP DAAC also continues to distribute all ASTER products to pre-approved NASA-supported researchers and their affiliates, as well as to pre-approved educational users and United States Federal government users.