Updates to Version 3.4 ASTER Level 2 Order Processing

Feb 06, 2020

The LP DAAC is pleased to announce updates to the Science Scalable Scripts-based Science for Missions (S4PM) Version 3.4 Product Generation Executables (PGE) for generating ASTER Level 2 on-demand products. The updates to the S4PM processing system include the following:

  • The default for the Ozone input data has been set to OZ_DLY/TOVS.
  • The Level 2 algorithm has been updated to provide a fall back option for the Temperature/Water Vapor/Pressure and Ozone input selections. The selection will automatically revert to the next lower input if the selected input is not available.
    • The Ozone input will fall back from OZ_DLY/TOVS > TOAST/EPTOMS > Climatology
  • Users can now check the metadata files of their AST_05 and AST_08 output product files to see if a fall back has occurred and identify which input source was used to generate their Level 2 product files.
    • The OPERATIONALQUALITYFLAGEXPLANATION field in the metadata file will indicate if a fall back has occurred and which value was used.

Below is a list of ASTER Level 2 products that are available for on-demand processing:

  • ASTER L2 Surface Emissivity (AST_05)
  • ASTER L2 Surface Reflectance VNIR and SWIR (AST_07)
  • ASTER L2 Surface Reflectance SWIR Crosstalk-Corrected (AST_07XT)
  • ASTER L2 Surface Kinetic Temperature (AST_08)
  • ASTER L2 Surface Radiance VNIR and SWIR (AST_09)
  • ASTER L2 Surface Radiance SWIR Crosstalk-Corrected (AST_09XT)
  • ASTER L2 Surface Radiance TIR (AST_09T)

ASTER Level 2 products can be ordered through NASA’s Earthdata Search.

Have questions? Contact LP DAAC User Services at lpdaac@usgs.gov.