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LP DAAC Web Services

LP DAAC Web Services

The LP DAAC is updating its web services interfaces and adding more services. These services are meant to assist our users in interacting with and using LP DAAC data.

All LP DAAC web services are deployed to


Metadata Services

Service Description
To Julian This service converts dates from mm/dd/yyyy format to the Julian date format since 01/01/2000. The LP DAAC's OPeNDAP services deliver date identifiers for MODIS and WELD data in this Julian format.
From Julian This service converts Julian dates representing days from 01/01/2000 into mm/dd/yyyy or mm, dd, yyyy format.
Tile Map This service converts latitude and longitude values into MODIS and WELD tile h and v coordinates and sample location within the tile.
Inventory This service provides a list of data granules (in various formats) from the LP DAAC Data Pool and is powered by NASA Common Metadata Repository (CMR).

Data Access Protocols

Service Description
OPeNDAP The Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol (OPeNDAP) (developed at the University of Rhode Island, P. Cornillon) provides software which makes local data accessible to remote locations regardless of local storage format. OPeNDAP also provides tools for transforming existing applications into OPeNDAP clients (i.e., enabling them to remotely access OPeNDAP served data). Access is provided to select MODIS, WELD, and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data at the LP DAAC.