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Cloud Access Short Name Collection Keyword Spatial Resolution (m) Temporal Resolution
GLCHMK.001 G-LiHT Canopy Height, Lidar 1.0 Other
GLCHMT.001 G-LiHT Canopy Height, Lidar 1.0 Other
GLDSMT.001 G-LiHT Canopy Height, Elevation, Lidar 1.0 Other
GLDTMK.001 G-LiHT Elevation, Lidar 1.0 Other
GLDTMT.001 G-LiHT Elevation, Lidar 1.0 Other
GLHYANC.001 G-LiHT Lidar 1.0
GLHYVI.001 G-LiHT Lidar, Vegetation Indices (VI) 1.0 Varies
GLLIDARPC.001 G-LiHT Lidar 1.0 Other
GLMETRICS.001 G-LiHT Canopy Height, Lidar, Surface Reflectance, Vegetation Indices (VI) 15.0 Varies
GLORTHO.001 G-LiHT Lidar 0.3 Varies
GLRADS.001 G-LiHT Lidar, Surface Radiance 1.0 Varies
GLREFL.001 G-LiHT Lidar, Surface Reflectance 1.0 Varies
GLTRAJECTORY.001 G-LiHT Elevation 1.0 Other
GLanCE30.001 MEaSUREs GLanCE Land Cover, Vegetation Indices (VI) 30.0 Yearly
GWELDMO.003 MEaSUREs WELD and GWELD Surface Reflectance, Vegetation Indices (VI) 30.0 Monthly
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