CAM5K30CF v001

Combined ASTER and MODIS Emissivity for Land (CAMEL) Coefficient Monthly Global 0.05 Deg

PI: Simon Hook

The CAM5K30CF.001 dataset was decommissioned as of March 14, 2019. Users are encouraged to use the new improved CAM5K30CF.002 dataset.


The NASA Making Earth System Data Records for Use in Research Environments (MEaSUREs) Combined Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) and Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Emissivity for Land (CAMEL) dataset provides monthly coefficients at 0.05 degree (~5 kilometer) resolution (CAM5K30CF). The CAMEL Principal Components Analysis (PCA) input coefficients utilized in the CAMEL high spectral resolution (HSR) algorithm are provided in the CAM5K30CF data product and are congruent to the temporally equivalent CAM5K30EM emissivity data product. Additional details regarding the methodology are available in the User Guide and Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD).

Provided in the CAM5K30CF product are layers for PCA coefficients, number of PCA coefficients, laboratory version, snow fraction derived from MODIS Snow Cover data (MOD10), latitude, longitude, and the CAMEL quality information. PCA coefficients are dependent on the version of lab PC data and number of PCs used.

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Collection and Granule


Characteristic Description
CollectionMEaSUREs LSTE
File Size~130 MB
Temporal ResolutionMonthly
Temporal Extent2000-04-01 to 2016-12-31
Spatial ExtentGlobal
Coordinate SystemGeographic Latitude and Longitude
DatumWorld Geodetic System (WGS84)
File FormatNetCDF4
Geographic Dimensions90° x 180°


Characteristic Description
Number of Science Dataset (SDS) Layers7
Columns/Rows3600 x 7200
Pixel Size5600 m


SDS Name Description Units Data Type Fill Value No Data Value Valid Range Scale Factor
pc_coefs PCA coefficients N/A 32-bit floating point -999 N/A -10 to 10 N/A
pc_npcs Number of PCs used N/A 16-bit signed integer N/A N/A 2 to 9 N/A
pc_labvs Version number of the PC scores data file N/A 16-bit signed integer N/A N/A 8 to 12 N/A
latitude Latitude Degree 32-bit floating point N/A N/A -90 to 90 N/A
longitude Longitude Degree 32-bit floating point N/A N/A -180 to 180 N/A
snow_fraction Snow fraction derived from MOD10 N/A 16-bit signed integer N/A N/A 0 to 100 0.01
camel_qflag CAMEL quality flag N/A 16-bit signed integer N/A N/A 0 to 4 N/A

CAMEL Quality Flag Values

Value Description
0 Sea or inland water
1 Good quality of Baseline Fit and ASTER GED data
2 Good quality of Baseline Fit and filled ASTER GED data
3 Good quality of ASTER GED and filled Baseline Fit data
4 Filled values used for both Baseline Fit and ASTER GED data

Product Quality

Additional quality flag information is provided in the User Guide and ATBD.

Known Issues

No known issues.


Using the Data

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DOI: 10.5067/MEaSUREs/LSTE/CAM5K30CF.001

About the Image

Combined ASTER and MODIS Emissivity for Land (CAMEL) Principal Components Analysis (PCA) coefficients data from the CAM5K30CF product over the globe from the month of January 2012.

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