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If ASTER data are not available in an area of interest, the satellite sensor can be tasked to attempt to capture the area by submitting a Data Acquisition Request (DAR).

The 3.0 Version of the DAR Tool is now available. New features include:

  • DAR Tool is now used as a stand-alone website, where it previously was embedded inside of an LP DAAC website page.
  • User login, by way of Earthdata authentication, is done in the DAR Tool website, where it was previously done through the LP DAAC website.
  • Updated User Guide and Release Notes

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Users must apply to be able to place a DAR request. Additional details on how to apply to be able to submit a DAR are available from the ASTER JPL Website. The DAR Tool uses NASA’s Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) Earthdata Registration System logins. You may manage your Earthdata account (reset password, retrieve/change account information) at this link: Earthdata Registration

When submitting a DAR, please use the ASTER Overpass Predictor to determine the best dates for your DAR Request.

NOTICE OF SCHEDULED DOWNTIME: The ASTER DAR Tool may be unavailable on Wednesdays from 08:00 - 12:00 Central Time (1300 - 1700 GMT) due to scheduled maintenance.

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