Aqua Satellite Anomaly - Update

Sep 16, 2020

Aqua MODIS suffered a science data outage on August 16, 2020 and resumed nominal science data collection on September 2, 2020. Following the recovery of the anomaly, the MODIS standard processing stream at MODAPS successfully generated Aqua MODIS data. The MODIS Calibration Support Team and MODIS Geolocation Team have verified land products to be satisfactory and free of any impact from the anomaly.

Level 0 (L0) data for the anomaly period are not currently available. Efforts are underway to coordinate recovery of the data received by the various Direct Broadband (DB) stations to backfill the gap. As it may take some time to receive and process these data, MODAPS plans to generate the MODIS Terra+Aqua combined products (MCD43*, MCD18*, MCD19*, MCD15A2/A3) using the Terra only data for August 16 through September 2, 2020 and reprocess these products when the Aqua MODIS data from the DB stations become available.

Once the production of the Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function and Albedo (MCD43*) products has resumed, MODAPS will also continue production of the MxD11 suite of Land Surface Temperature products that require MCD43A1 as inputs. This gap may be re-processed at a later date, using both Terra and Aqua inputs, after careful consideration of the extent and quality of the Aqua L0 data received from the different DB stations.

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