ASTER Overpass Predictor

Apr 27, 2005

To obtain an estimate of the next opportunities for ASTER to image a location on Earth, enter the latitude and longitude for your location and then select Forecast Possible ASTER Collection Times. The information returned is based on output from the NASA Satellite Overpass Predictor, and includes both day and night possibilities.

You may also select Location Map, Topographic Map (for U.S. only), or Weather Forecast to obtain additional site-specific information for the point specified. Connections are established to services offered at other locations. For weather forecasts, note that wide spatial windows may be needed to obtain returns in sparsely populated places, but are likely to yield a long pick-list of choices in densely populated places. Narrow windows may provide no returns in sparsely populated places. Change the default setting of 2 degrees to expand or contract the area searched around the point specified.

Determine Latitude and Longitude for Geographic Features in U.S. & Territories.