ECHO announces the release of REVERB

Jun 12, 2011

Author's Note 4/30/2020: Reverb has since been retired. Users are encouraged to use NASA Earthdata Search in place of Reverb.


The EOS ClearingHouse (ECHO) is a metadata catalog of NASA’s Earth Observing System (EOS) data and a registry for related data services provided by the NASA ESDIS Project, Code 423, GSFC. Users can access the data and services by using general or community-tailored clients that access ECHO's data and service holdings. Working closely with this community, the ECHO team identified a need to develop the next generation EOS data and service discovery tool to replace the existing WIST, the Warehouse Inventory Search Tool.

The ECHO Team set out to achieve the following goals:Enhanced User Experience – Users should be presented with enhanced user experience whereby they are more easily directed to their data or services of interest. Users should be able to download their data in no more than 3 page transitions.Enhanced Data Discovery – Users should be able to discover additional datasets that may enhance their research.Integrated Data & Service Discovery and Invocation – Users should be able to discover and invoke services associated with their data of interest.Modern Technology Platform – Client application development and testing should take advantage of modern technologies to improve the quality and testability of the underlying code, along with allowing for a more modern user interface.

After a year long design, development, and testing process, the ECHO team is proud to announce the successful Operational release of "Reverb – The Next Generation Earth Science Discovery Tool." Reverb provides a new means for discovering, accessing, and invoking EOS data products and services. We invite you to check out Reverb, which can be accessed at the link below. Your feedback is welcome to help the ECHO team continually meet and exceed your data and service discovery needs.

Access Reverb Here :

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