ECOSTRESS Partial Data Discovery Outage

Dec 28, 2020

Beginning on November 16, 2020, any searches made without passing Earthdata Login credentials for ECOSTRESS L1B-L4 data from NASA’s Common Metadata Repository (CMR) or Earthdata Search may have returned only a partial listing of available granules. The issue was resolved on December 21, 2020. Any searches performed while using Earthdata Login credentials successfully returned full results for ECOSTRESS L1B-L4 granules and are unaffected by this issue. This outage also affected any AppEEARS requests for ECOSTRESS data submitted from November 16 through December 21, 2020. Users are encouraged to resubmit any ECOSTRESS Earthdata Search or CMR queries or AppEEARS requests that were submitted during this time period.

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