Global Data Explorer (GDEx) Update

Sep 09, 2014

(Author's Note 5/18/2020: GDEx has since been retired. Users are encouraged to use NASA Earthdata Search in place of Reverb. Several of these datasets are also available in AppEEARS. To see the currently available tools to access the data please visit the "Access Data" button each data product's DOI landing page.)

The Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP DAAC) released a new version of the Global Data Explorer on 3Sep2014. Improvements to GDEx include a link to the LP DAAC System Status page, a User Guide, and the MODIS Land Cover (MCD12Q1.051) data product's International Geosphere Biosphere Programme(IGBP) layer.

GDEx was designed to provide seamless selection of tiled raster data products via geographic navigation and selection tools. Additionally, users may choose from available processing options including format, and projection (depending on the data product selected).

Please contact LP DAAC User Services at for additional information.