MODIS Version 6 Land Data Processing Ends Late 2022

Nov 09, 2021

The forward processing of Version 6 (V006) MODIS land data products is planned to continue through late 2022. Due to the successful implementation of improved Version 6.1 (V061) algorithms for all core MODIS land products, plans are being developed for the eventual retirement of Version 6 MODIS data. The Version 6 historical record for the core MODIS land products is expected to remain accessible for at least six months after processing has ended in late 2022. The core MODIS products include all Terra MODIS, Aqua MODIS, and combined Terra+Aqua MODIS datasets with the exception of the Land Cover products (MCD12s), Vegetation Continuous Fields product (MOD44s), and MAIAC products (MCD19s). Users are advised to transition to the improved Version 6.1 products as soon as possible.  

Please note that there are some differences in available data products for the newer version. MODIS Version 6.1 products include new Downward Shortwave Radiation (MCD18C1), Photosynthetically Active Radiation (MCD18C2) and Water Reservoir (MOD28C2MYD28C2, MOD28C3, and MYD28C3) datasets along with additional Land Surface Temperature datasets (MOD21C1MYD21C1MOD21C2, MYD21C2MOD21C3, and MYD21C3). The MOD16A3, MYD16A3, MOD17A3H, MYD17A3H, and MCD43GF Version 6 products will not be available in Version 6.1.

For reference, the currently available products for both versions are listed in the MODIS Products Table.  

MODIS data are available for download through the LP DAAC Data PoolDAAC2DiskAppEEARSUSGS EarthExplorer, and NASA’s Earthdata Search

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