Reprocessing Complete for MODIS Aqua 8-Day Evapotranspiration Product

Jul 19, 2018

Author's Note: 2/14/2024 The MODIS Version 6 dataset has since been decommissioned. Users are now encourage to use the MODIS Version 6.1 dataset:

The MODIS Aqua Net Evapotranspiration 8-Day L4 Global 500 m SIN Grid (MYD16A2) Version 6 data set has been reprocessed to correct systematic errors that occurred when the data were initially released for years 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008.The data product provides global coverage of Evapotranspiration, Latent Heat Flux, Potential Evapotranspiration, and Potential Latent Heat Flux along with a quality control layer at 500 meter pixel resolution.

A citation containing the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for the MYD16A2 dataset is provided below.

Running, S., Mu, Q., Zhao, M. (2017). MYD16A2 MODIS/Aqua Net Evapotranspiration 8-Day L4 Global 500m SIN Grid V006 [Data set]. NASA EOSDIS Land Processes DAAC. doi: 10.5067/MODIS/MYD16A2.006

Users can now access MYD16A2 through LP DAAC’s Data Pool, NASA’s Earthdata Search, and AρρEEARS.

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