ROSES-23 Amendment 14: EMIT Science and Applications Team Final Text and Due Dates

Apr 17, 2023

NASA launched the Earth surface Mineral dust source InvesTigation (EMIT) instrument to the International Space Station (ISS) on July 14, 2022. Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES)-2023 program element A.32 Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation (EMIT) Science and Applications Team (SAT) solicits proposals for membership on the EMIT Science and Applications Team. This team supports basic research and analysis as well as applications activities associated with the production, validation, and utilization of EMIT products. Learn more about EMIT data products on the Land Processes DAAC page here.

ROSES-2023 Amendment 14 releases final text and due dates for A.32 EMIT SAT. Notices of intent are requested by June 1, 2023, and proposals are due July 19, 2023.

Questions concerning A.32 EMIT SAT may be directed to Ben Phillips at