How To: Access and Use the LP DAAC Data Resource GitHub Repository


Published: April 21, 2023

The LP DAAC has established a community GitHub repository for data and tool resources. The repository includes tutorials, scripts, guides, and helpful links for multiple LP DAAC data products and tools. Contributions can be made by following GitHub flow. Follow the GitHub forking guide to fork the repository.

Follow these steps to contribute to this repository:

  1. Navigate to the LP DAAC Data Resources GitHub page and select a repository.
  2. Fork the desired repository.
  3. Make a local clone to work in.
  4. Create a branch in the cloned repository.
  5. Add your contributions.
  6. Make a pull request back to the main branch of the repository.

More detailed contribution instructions can be found within the Contribution Guide in the LP DAAC Data Resources repository. Once you have made a pull request, an evaluation process determines if a community contribution will be merged into the repository.

Relevant Products

Product Long Name
GEDI01_B.001 GEDI L1B Geolocated Waveform Data Global Footprint Level
GEDI02_A.001 GEDI L2A Elevation and Height Metrics Data Global Footprint Level
GEDI02_B.001 GEDI L2B Canopy Cover and Vertical Profile Metrics Data Global Footprint Level
HLSS30.015 HLS Sentinel-2 MSI Surface Reflectance Daily Global 30 m
HLSL30.015 HLS Landsat-8 OLI Surface Reflectance and TOA Brightness Daily Global 30 m
EMITL1BRAD.001 EMIT L1B At-Sensor Calibrated Radiance and Geolocation Data 60 m
EMITL2ARFL.001 EMIT L2A Estimated Surface Reflectance and Uncertainty and Masks 60 m


Name Filters Description
AppEEARS Decode Quality, Order, Search, Subset

The Application for Extracting and Exploring Analysis Ready Samples (AρρE…