LP DAAC Data Access through OPeNDAP and Web Services


Published: Oct. 6, 2015


This is a LEGACY RESOURCE. It is no longer maintained but is usable with minor adjustments. This resource leverages NASA's Application for Extracting and Exploring Analysis-Ready Samples (AppEEARS). AppEEARS has been deployed in NASA's Earthdata Cloud space. You can access AppEEARS using the new link: https://appeears.earthdatacloud.nasa.gov/. For up to date information on using the AppEEARS API and examples, please see the AppEEARS API Documentation. If you have questions, please contact LP DAAC User Services (lpdaac@usgs.gov).

The Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol (OPeNDAP) is a protocol for accessing and transporting distributed scientific data. It provides users simple, remote access to large collections of datasets via the internet through HTTP. This webinar was a collaboration between three NASA DAACs discussing their OPeNDAP implementations and how they leverage OPeNDAP services.

Relevant Products

Product Long Name
MOD09Q1.006 MODIS/Terra Surface Reflectance 8-Day L3 Global 250 m SIN Grid


Name Filters Description
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The Application for Extracting and Exploring Analysis Ready Samples (AρρE…

Web Services Web Service

The LP DAAC Web Services are a set of services that are meant to assist o…

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