HLSL30 Historical Processing is Completed

May 18, 2022

Author's Note: February 14, 2024 The HLS resources have been updated since the publishing of this news announcement. Please visit: https://github.com/nasa/HLS-Data-Resources to see the most recent HLS Data Resources.

The LP DAAC is pleased to announce that historical processing of HLS Operational Land Imager Surface Reflectance and TOA Brightness Daily Global 30m (HLSL30) Version 2 products has been completed. HLSL30 now includes data from April 2013 to present. HLS Sentinel-2 Multi-spectral Instrument Surface Reflectance Daily Global 30m (HLSS30) data product is still undergoing historical processing and a news announcement will be released at a later date upon completion.

The data are available for download through NASA’s Earthdata Search.

LP DAAC Resources for HLS Data Products:
HLS Quick Guide
Getting Started with Cloud-Native HLS Data in Python
HLS Subsetting, Processing and Exporting Reformatted (HLS SuPER) data prep script

Please contact LP DAAC User Services with questions.