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AppEEARS is a data subsetter that provides data access and data value exploration for a variety of data from federal archives.

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Data Pool archives and provides a direct way to access a portion of LP DAAC data product files via HTTPS.

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WMS allow users to remotely access georeferenced map images via HTTPS requests for a subset of MODIS data products.

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LDOPE provides software to manipulate, visualize and analyze MODIS data, including decoding and interpreting the quality layers.

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NASA Earthdata Search is a tool to search, visualize, order, and download Earth science data for all NASA EOSDIS data.

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The DAAC2Disk Utility script can be executed from the command line to search and download datasets from LP DAAC Data Pool.

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LP DAAC Microservices are basic utilities to assist users in interacting with and using LP DAAC data.

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USGS EarthExplorer allows users to search, visualize, export metadata, and download remotely sensed data.

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Data Prep Scripts are a collection of R and Python scripts to download data and perform basic data processing functions.

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OPeNDAP provides access and sub-sampling capabilities to LP DAAC data products via the Hyrax data server.

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The ASTER DAR Tool allows approved users to submit a request for an ASTER sensor acquisition over a specific area.


The HEG tool allows users to reformat, re-project, and perform stitching/mosaicking and subsetting operations on HDF-EOS files.



USGS GloVis is an online search and order tool for selected satellite data in a user defined area of interest.

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