LP DAAC Releases the LPJ-PROSAIL Simulated Dynamic Surface Reflectance Version 1 Data Product!

Nov 27, 2023

NASA’s Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP DAAC) is pleased to announce the release of LPJ-PROSAIL Level 2 Global Simulated Dynamic Surface Reflectance (LPJ_L2_SSREF) Version 1 data product at a 0.5 degree (~50 kilometer) spatial resolution. This product introduces data from a new integrated land surface model that simulates global surface reflectance data with a spectral range of 400 to 2,500 nanometers (nm) and a spectral resolution of 10 nm. The data contains five data layers, based on different reflectance angles including bidirectional (BDR), bi-hemispherical (BHR), hemispherical-directional (HDR), directional-hemispherical (DHR), and directional (DR). These simulated reflectance data were produced to aid in workflow development, algorithm testing, and other activities during the lead up to future global spaceborne imaging spectroscopy missions such as NASA’s Surface Biology and Geology (SBG). LPJ-PROSAIL Version 1 is composed of one granule containing data for the year 2020 with monthly time increments.

Due to the simulated nature of LPJ-PROSAIL data, they should NOT be used for any real-world scientific analyses or conclusions. These data are meant to support the development of workflows, algorithms, and other instances where large imaging spectroscopy datasets are needed for testing.

A citation containing the Digital Object Identifier for this data product is provided below.

Currey, B. LPJ-PROSAIL L2 Global Simulated Dynamic Surface Reflectance V001. 2023, distributed by NASA EOSDIS Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center, https://doi.org/10.5067/Community/LPJ-PROSAIL/LPJ_L2_SSREF.001. Accessed YYYY-MM-DD.

The LPJ-PROSAIL data products are available for download through NASA’s Earthdata Search and Data Pool .

The LPJ-PROSAIL Science Team welcomes feedback from scientists and researchers. Please send any feedback and questions to LP DAAC User Services at lpdaac@usgs.gov.