MODIS Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity (LSTE) Version 6 Products Unavailable

Nov 03, 2017

The current Aqua and Terra MODIS LSTE Version 6 products are unusable for any science and validation purposes.
The MODIS LSTE product suite includes:

  • MOD21 and MYD21 (Daily Swath)
  • MOD21A1D and MYD21A1D (Daily Day)
  • MOD21A1N and MYD21A1N (Daily Night)
  • MOD21A2 and MYD21A2 (8-Day)

Upon resolution of science data quality issues, the MODIS LSTE Version 6 data will be reprocessed and available from the LP DAAC. Continue to visit the LP DAAC home page for future announcements about when the data are available.

Please contact LP DAAC User Services with any questions.