MODIS Light-Out-Operations – Potential Data Loss

Aug 17, 2023

Flight Operation Team (FOT) for Terra and Aqua MODIS transitioned to Light-Out-Operations (LOOps) on July 7, 2023. In the LOOps configuration, the 12-hour night shift (6pm-6am) will no longer be staffed by an on-console engineer; however, system support engineers will be on call during the lights out period to respond to red limit alarms as needed. The FOT will no longer attempt to fill science data gaps via Solid State Recorder replays resulting in additional data losses and larger data gaps. Estimated data acquisitions are expected to remain above the mission data capture guideline of 95%. All Terra, Aqua, and Combined Terra+Aqua MODIS Version 6.1 data products will be directly impacted by these occurrences of non-recoverable data loss.

The Land Data Operational Products Evaluation (LDOPE) team will maintain a list of dates and times for the occurrences of the known LOOps events.

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