MODIS Monthly Water Reservoir Data Products Temporarily Unavailable

Dec 22, 2021

The distribution of Aqua and Terra MODIS Water Reservoir Monthly Global Version 6.1 data products has been temporarily suspended due to errors with the evaporation rate at a few reservoirs. Users can continue to use the Aqua and Terra Water Reservoir 8-Day L3 Global data products (MYD28C2 and MOD28C2) in the interim.

A link for the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) landing page for each MODIS dataset impacted by this issue is provided below.

  • MODIS/Aqua Water Reservoir Monthly Global V061 – MYD28C3
  • MODIS/Terra Water Reservoir Monthly L3 Global V061 – MOD28C3

Processing and distribution will resume when the necessary updates to the algorithm have been implemented. Users are encouraged to sign up for the LP DAAC listserv by sending a blank email to for future notifications about data availability.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please contact LP DAAC User Services with any questions or concerns.