Update - Terra Constellation Exit & Data Outage - October 10-19, 2022

Oct 13, 2022

The first of the Terra Constellation Exit Maneuver (CEM) was completed successfully on October 12, between 14:20:54 – 15:05:10. All Terra MODIS and ASTER data production and distribution will remain on-hold from both STD and NRT streams, following the last of the Terra CEM on October 19. This hold is expected to last for at least a week, until around October 26, 2022. During this time, the MODIS calibration team (MCST) will review all instrument performance and will most likely provide updated lookup tables (LUTs) to address any drifts or issues. All Terra MODIS and Terra ASTER data production and distribution will resume and may also reprocess some of the days following the end of the last CEM on October 19, with the updated LUTs. Users should take note of this possibly prolonged data outage. Further updates will be provided and we will notify all users once all Terra MODIS and ASTER data production has resumed. All Aqua MODIS data will continue to be generated and distributed during this period, including most of the Terra + Aqua combined products.

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