Decoding MODIS Version 6 Quality Science Datasets using MODIS Python Toolbox for ArcGIS


Published: Nov. 2, 2017

Quality information for LP DAAC (Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center) data products is important to consider when determining the usability and usefulness of a data product for a particular science application. This information, however, has been notoriously difficult for users to access. Quality information is often stored as an integer value that requires the user to decode into binary strings. In order to interpret the binary string users must map the unique combinations of bits found in separate subsets of the binary string (i.e. bit-fields) to quality tables that characterize the particular quality attribute associated with each bit-field. The DecodeQuality tool in the MODIS Python Toolbox for ArcGIS makes the decoding process simple, creating thematic quality raster files for each quality attribute.

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