Observing Land from Space: Interacting with Geospatial Data from NASA's LP DAAC


Published: Nov. 20, 2017

Presentation by Danielle Golon, Innovate!, Inc. USGS contractor for NASA's LP DAAC. Geolunch Seminar Series, UC Berkeley, November 16, 2017. For more info please visit https://lpdaac.usgs.gov or http://gif.berkeley.edu/about/geolunc...

Relevant Products

Product Long Name
AST_L1T.003 ASTER Level 1 Precision Terrain Corrected Registered At-Sensor Radiance
ASTGTM.002 ASTER Global Digital Elevation Model
AST_08.003 ASTER L2 Surface Kinetic Temperature
GFSAD1KCD.001 Global Food Security Support Analysis Data (GFSAD) Crop Dominance 2010 Global 1 km
MCD15A3H.006 MODIS/Terra+Aqua Leaf Area Index/FPAR 4-Day L4 Global 500 m SIN Grid
MCD64A1.006 MODIS/Terra+Aqua Burned Area Monthly L3 Global 500 m SIN Grid
MOD09GA.006 MODIS/Terra Surface Reflectance Daily L2G Global 1 km and 500 m SIN Grid
MOD11A2.006 MODIS/Terra Land Surface Temperature/Emissivity 8-Day L3 Global 1 km SIN Grid
MOD13Q1.006 MODIS/Terra Vegetation Indices 16-Day L3 Global 250 m SIN Grid
MOD14A2.006 MODIS/Terra Thermal Anomalies/Fire 8-Day L3 Global 1 km SIN Grid
WELDUSSE.015 NASA Web-Enabled Landsat Data CONUS Seasonal
GFSAD30SACE.001 Global Food Security-support Analysis Data (GFSAD) Cropland Extent 2015 South America 30 m
MOD11C1.006 MODIS/Terra Land Surface Temperature/Emissivity Daily L3 Global 0.05 Deg CMG


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