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The LP DAAC Web Services are a set of services that are meant to assist our users in interacting with and using LP DAAC data.

Available Services:

GEDI Finder

Web service for locating Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) orbits (files) that intersect an input bounding box.


Web service to convert Latitude and Longitude to tile, line, and sample. For MODIS, VIIRS, SRTM, and ASTGTM datasets.


Service that provides information about LP DAAC products.


Service that queries LP DAAC product inventory. This service utilizes CMR.

AppEEARS Services

Set of services that power the LP DAAC AppEEARS interface. These services are also individually usable as independent web services.


The tojulian service, calculates the number of days from user specified start date (default 01-01-2000) for the date(s) provided.


The fromjulian service, returns the date for the provided value(s) of days since a user specified start data (default 01-01-2000).

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