Web Services Available from the LP DAAC

Mar 11, 2015

The LP DAAC is updating its web services interfaces and adding more services. Several new services have been deployed and are available from our LP DAAC Web Services page.Services currently available are:

  • tilemap -A service for converting latitude and logitude values into MODIS tile H and V coordinates and sample location within the tile.
  • mrt-api -This service provides access to the MODIS Reprojection Tool, allowing users to mosaic, subset, resample, and reporject MODIS data.
  • weld-api -This service provides access to the mosaicking, subsetting, resampling, and reprojecting tools provided through the WELD UI, via an http interface.
  • tojulian -This service converts dates (in mm/dd/yyyy format) to Julian days since 01/01/2000. The LP DAAC's OPeNDAP services deliver date identifiers for MODIS data in this Julian format.
  • fromjulian -This service converts Julian dates representing days from 01/01/2000 into mm/dd/yyyy or Mon dd, yyyy format.

For further information, contact LP DAAC User Services.